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Use your stage

When we say SDB is open, we really mean it. Do you have an idea of a great activity or initiative around services that people would love to make it happen with you?


Grrreat, based on our experience as former activity leaders we have visualised a journey of what your experience could look like if you decide to lead one.

Leading Team Journey

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We have also created some guidelines to make your activity a success:

Be true to the Guiding Principles of SDBarcelona

Have a purpose. SDBarcelona is a stage for you to use it. But like in concerts, the music is what it attracts people. Make sure you propose an activity that has a clear purpose shared by others so something awesome can emerge.

Be non profit. This include to do not use SDBarcelona as an advertisement vehicle. As servicejamers beautifully once putted: “Be useful, be cool, be present. That’s enough advertising ;)”.

Honour the participants and SDBarcelona. Highly motivated people’s attention is a priceless resource, all together you will build SDBarcelona’s usefulness reputation.

Share the activity and the results. People just attend to what they know is happening so buzz it, seemingly the ones who can not make it might want to learn from the experience.


If at this point to lead an activity using the SDBarcelona is still your cup of tea, please get in contact so you can get to know how to use the full potential of this public stage!